edition of 3, laser-jet, 14

in collaboration with Adrijana Gvozdenović, Aleksandra Drecun and Ilija Gajević


After the “Evening School”, series of lectures, organized by the Institute for Contemporary Art, few participants initiated work on a publication, using notes from the lectures as the base material. Shortly after, the idea of creating a publication has been replaced with decision to have weekly work meetings, that would be purpose to themeselves. Every Thursday and Sunday evening, during the curfew, we met online in the work document. Idea for publication, thus became an excuse for meetings and group reading of the notes, without a precise editorial method. Chance to sum up the experience and position our thinking in relation to the trials of positioning independent art scene in the region of Balkans, which itself is the meta-narrative of the publication.

Design of the publication, happened in the workshop format, limited to one work day. The  nature of the notes influnced the fastpaced editorial and design decisions.